Teaching Evolution Without Learning a Thing


Everyone knows that the number one reason we should send kids to school and not just do it ourselves through some half-baked homeschool program is to ensure proper socialization. School is where all of the worlds’ kids are, so without it students will have no idea how to act towards other human beings when they reach the real world. But the second most important reason why we should send kids to school is that parents should not pretend to be experts in things we are not. Kids will not learn how to read without reading teachers, won’t learn how to be healthy without health teachers, and, again, won’t learn how to be social without the proper number of credits in social studies. Parents aren’t educational professionals, and even worse, they may indoctrinate their children into viewing things through their own disturbingly inaccurate and harmful world lens. The most glaring example of this is creationism. Imagine a world where everyone believed the earth was six thousand years old and man plopped onto this earth like some divine loogie; if we let parents keep their kids, that’s what would be taught. Shiver.

Let’s all agree. We should unanimously believe in evolution. Then tell me, oh wise, cultured, and learn’d ones: why do we take students who are in their physical prime, exactly as nature intended, and make them sit still for the majority of their waking hours? No matter how engaging the lesson is, why do we have them in a room at all? Why are they not out seeking, doing, and questioning? Why do we interpret an undeveloped prefrontal cortex as an excuse to control and contain and not as some gift of adventurism? Why do we see it as our mission to dull and restrain the sharpest, most intense years of a young adult’s life and furthermore, why do we react to their reaction as “oh, you know teenagers…they’re so moody!”? You have more energy, and more will to use that energy, than at any other point in your life, and everyone is telling you to sit still and factor trinomials, and somehow it’s weird that you’re moody? I’m glad that everybody finds it so important to learn evolution, but it seems to me there is an improper application of this particular principal. It also seems to me that we teach evolution without learning a thing.

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